My Honest Review of the Noom Diet App

Noom. It’s all the rage when it comes to diet these days. There are pop-ups on Facebook, success stories on Instagram, and all the office gals talk about at the water cooler. Oh you gained weight…have you tried that app Noom?

I’ve struggled with my weight for the last few years. I’m barely over 5′ tall, so I can’t carry much weight, it shows! I was at a healthy weight for most of my life, but steadily gained weight after my divorce, and now am sitting at nearly 50 pounds overweight. The paleo diet worked wonders for me in the past, but in a go-go-go lifestyle, fast food and cheap dinners are easier to grab than making healthy choices at home. I did try keto, and to me it was strange and uncomfortable.

I saw the ad for Noom on Facebook. It was like seeing one of those advertisements for those diet patches, like something magical. Eat whatever I want and lose weight? A diet coach that will help especially me? It sounded perfect- exactly what I needed. I was pretty excited about it, and my heart was into it!

Noom’s biggest selling point is its personalized diet coaches that are there to help you out with nutrition and give you a hand when you are in a slump. As I got into the app myself, I realized my “diet coach” was nearly impossible to get ahold of, and her questions and answers always seemed canned to the point that I was unsure if she was a human or a bot. This was not what was marketed, as a “personalized” coach to help out through the weight loss journey and was super disappointing.

The disappointment continued. Every day when I opened the Noom app, there would be new tasks to complete. They were generally long passages to read with quizzes at the end. At first they were fun and informative, but they did become tedious and downright annoying. There was also a group that I was “highly encouraged” to participate in. This all came together like homework for the app.

The most beneficial part of the app was the food tracker, which gave me the ability to record food eaten and count calories. The weight loss graph was also useful, in which I could record my weight each day and see a steady decline. Ironically, these are both things available in a multiple free applications.

I know, this is a lot of negativity, so I will follow up with this: people lose weight differently. Some individuals, especially if this is the beginning of their weight loss journey, may need extra accountability and the extra chatter of a group discussion may be helpful to them. I may have been unlucky and have gotten an inattentive, uninvolved counselor, and some Noomer’s may have had a completely different experience with their diet coach. My life is always on the go, however if individuals have time to sit down and read each module and take the quiz, I am sure the information is insightful.

However, for this app, I believe there is mostly “noise,” (coaches, groups, quizzes), however there is not enough actual, unique material to be any more beneficial than any other diet app.

I did lose 10 pounds with Noom, however this was only using the food tracker and the weight loss graph. If these are the only two items which are going to be helpful, there are absolutely free and much more easier apps to navigate for the same results, that make you feel more independent and successful with less background chatter.

Did you have a Noom experience, or a diet app journey? Let’s hear it!

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7 thoughts on “My Honest Review of the Noom Diet App

  1. I would really recommend the Michelle Bridges 12 WBT. Gives you a meal plan, exercise program and motivation videos (if you choose to watch them). They have a weightloss program as well as a program for strength training, running (up to marathon) and post-natal. I have done it four times. Once for the weightloss part, and then 3 times when I was training for a 10 km run. It kept me on track so to speak!

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  2. I tried Noom too. My experience was just like you described. Plus it is very difficult to stop them from charging you money, deleting the App is not enough.
    I decided to do fasting. That is what works for me. If I also avoid carbs, then I really se results.
    I also feel much better than with any diet, and surprise, I’m not hungry.

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