The Gift: A Science Fiction Short Story

The woman sat at the metal table, navigating the thick wooden puzzle pieces on the table in front of her delicately. She completely ignored the man sitting across the table from her, who was staring at her, large white eyebrows furrowed, tapping his pen in an annoying, uneven beat. tap, taptap, tappity tap, tap, tap.Continue reading “The Gift: A Science Fiction Short Story”

Raise Your Hand If You Believe In Aliens

You want to know what I don’t want to talk about right now? Current events. Seriously. No more. No more news. No more media. No more information overload, hashtags, and arguments. You know what I do want to talk about? Raise your hand if you believe in aliens. But, like, discreetly, so your neighbor can’tContinue reading “Raise Your Hand If You Believe In Aliens”

The Dark Alchemist: A Fantasy Short Story

I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately so I thought I’d throw out this fantasy dabble. I always seem to put way too much thought into my character’s mindset when I’m playing the games so I thought I would share it. It’s so quiet. The small fire in front of me is slowlyContinue reading “The Dark Alchemist: A Fantasy Short Story”

Quarantine Boredom and Priceless Antiques

I’ve been working and sheltering at home for the past month and a half. Although I spend most of my day working and gazing languidly out the window, I have also taken up the very dangerous habit of online shopping. Ok so, I was an online shopper before all this. “Amazon those water shoes toContinue reading “Quarantine Boredom and Priceless Antiques”

My Honest Review of the Noom Diet App

Noom. It’s all the rage when it comes to diet these days. There are pop-ups on Facebook, success stories on Instagram, and all the office gals talk about at the water cooler. Oh you gained weight…have you tried that app Noom? I’ve struggled with my weight for the last few years. I’m barely over 5′Continue reading “My Honest Review of the Noom Diet App”

What’s Your Favorite Wedding Comedy?

Planning a wedding has me in the mood for wedding films. But not gushy romance movies like The Wedding Planner and Runaway Bride, no, hilarious, irreverant comedies that make me snort. The Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart has been my favorite so far and has gotten me in the festive wedding mood. What’s your favoriteContinue reading “What’s Your Favorite Wedding Comedy?”

Let’s Talk About The Joker

I just saw the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix for the first time. It was amazing. I for one definently appreciate the movie raising awareness for mental illness. Every little bit helps. How about that ending though? What do you guys think, did it all really happen, or was it all in his head? Let’sContinue reading “Let’s Talk About The Joker”

Maybe Writer’s Block Isn’t All Bad After All.

Before my divorce a few years ago, I would write. Pages and pages, hundreds of thousands of words. It was easy, it flowed out of my fingertips. I loved writing. It was easy for me, like a form of journaling, without the lamenting and monotony. All the plots I wrote had very similar themes. TheyContinue reading “Maybe Writer’s Block Isn’t All Bad After All.”

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