Manga Reviews: My Hero Academia

Don’t worry, it’s spoiler free.

I had attempted to read the My Hero Acedamia manga a few times, but I never could commit to it. I decided to pick it up a few weeks ago and see it through, and I am so glad I did. It was great!

I started reading at chapter one, and it was slow going. Not because the story was slow in it’s entirety, but because the anime adapts the manga so accurately. The anime is very true to the manga with few filler episodes- so if you plan to start reading the manga, its much more enjoyable beginning where the anime leaves off at episode 257. 

There were so many things I loved about this manga. I would re-read this solely to read Bakugo’s character arc again. It’s the best character development I have ever seen in my 30 years of life on this earth. It’s smooth and realistic, and his goals and motives are understandable. I truly hated him at the beginning of the series, but now I like him better than anyone else.

Besides Bakugo’s arc, we also see a ton of development and growth in other characters, like Endeavor, Deku and the Hero Course class 1-A. Seeing so much growth is amazing, and I truly hope this manga progresses to them in adulthood (even if it is just one or two chapters.)

I had a bit of a hard time with this manga at times because of the fight scenes. The fast paced battle scenes were hard for me to follow at times, but I am sure they will look great on screen.

The entire plot itself is weaved together in such a way that every question is answered and each mystery is unraveled, which is truly satisfying. We are able to see so many characters in their element, however, I still think there are way too many characters. Its great to see so many heroes progressing in the story, but it also can seem like characters just suddenly disappear and then reappear as if they were almost forgotten about for the last 30 chapters. The number of protagonists could easily have been divided in half and it would still have the same great arcs and story without an oversaturation of extras. For example, in the beginning of season five it is revealed that Shinsou is working with Eraserhead to grow his power so he can be a hero. This was a story point I was genuinely excited for as I enjoy these characters- but after the few chapters regarding this, Shinsou effectively falls off the grid for 80 chapters while other characters and story points steal the spotlight.

The manag had a couple “ah-ha!” moments, with big reveals bringing answers to questions we had been waiting for for awhile. The biggest and most startling revelation could have been done a bit better. There was some forshadowing- it wasnt out of the blue by any means, but if there would have been more flashbacks and talk about this situation it would have made the reveal much more intense.

Is it worth reading? Emphatically, yes! It has humor, action, drama and everything you could want. The manga is in its final arc and scheduled to wrap up in the fall of 2022. I am looking forward to it, and currently enjoying keeping up with its weekly release as the story builds to it’s crescendo. With how the story arcs run, I would anticipate at least another two seasons of anime, so there is still a lot to look forward to.

Did you read MHA manga? What do you think?

Manga Review: Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Don’t worry. Its spoiler free.

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Black Butler. I picked up this series since I enjoyed the anime, and it was worth it!

To begin, let’s talk a little about canon manga material vs. the anime adaptation. The anime series uses canon material for the first half of the first season, the third season (Book of Circus), and the ovas Book of the Atlantic and Book of Murder. In season one, the story pivots after episode 6 or so into a different storyline (Regarding the missing girls and the puppeteer). This is not manga related. The second season is not canon in any form, and I thought it was terrible. I’ll be focusing mostly on canon material and the differences and similarities in the manga and anime (which both were very enjoyable, despite straying from original material.)

First of all, the manga begins as more of a comedy then anything else. It is very lighthearted and funny as you settle into the Phantomhive manor and get to know the main characters. As the story arcs continue the the show does get gradually darker as the overarching story begins to weave itself through. It seems unbalanced at times, with strange pacing, humor to darkness to humor again, they don’t lace together as well as I would have hoped.

In any event, its an easy read. Its interesting and fun and the art is great. As I always say for manga, I like clean lines and easy to understand panels, and this does not disappoint.

The story arcs run like so:

1. Black Butler Arc- Chapter 1 to 5

2 – Red Butler Arc- Chapter 6 to 14

3 – Indian Butler Arc-  Chapter 15 to 23

4 – Circus Arc-  Chapter 24 to 37

5 -Phanomhive Manor Murders Arc- Chapter 38 to 50

6 – Ship Voyage Arc- Chapter 51 to 66

7 – Public School Arc- Chapter 66 to 85

8 – Emerald Witch Arc- Chapter 86 to 107

9 – Blue Cult Arc- Chapter 108-present

Arcs 1- 6 are more or less covered in season one, season three, and the ‘Book of the Atlantic’ and ‘Book of Murder’ OVAs. The way that they divided up two important arcs and gave them their own movies was absolutely brilliant.

My favorite thing about the anime was fun characters randomly showing up together. You didn’t have to miss the servants, the reapers, or any of the other cast for too long, because they would always be back for one reason or another, popping up where unexpected. This was very enjoyable.

In the anime Grell, Sebastian and Ciel are what I would describe as “frienimies”, their actions and reactions to one another are always comical and it adds so much humor to the show. In the manga, Grell (and the reapers in general) are background characters and Grell, Ciel and Sebastian are primarily adversaries. I really missed the relationship between these three characters, as strange as it was.

A couple complaints about the anime:  continuity errors, due to the overlapping canon/non-canon material. (People being suprised at a big reveal regarding a character when they had already been privy to this information, etc.) Also, let’s be honest. In the anime Ciel is really an asshole. He is rude to Sebastian, bossy, snotty, and doesn’t care about anyone around him. In the manga he and Sebastian have more comradery and he is never particularly rude or demanding.  He does not carry an obsession about his parent’s murder, which is the theme of the anime, instead his main focus is always on his duties as the Queen’s guard dog, with the loss and past in the background.

The Emerald Witch arc was very good. The illustration, art and events were suspenseful and interesting, with the great art that would be excellent in anime form. The main, overarching story arc begins in the ‘Book of the Atlantic’ and continues throughout the upcoming chapters. Its interesting and continues to be more mysterious, dark and suspenseful.

As the manga carries on there are more lovable characters added.We see a lot more of Prince Soma, Snake, and Lizzy’s older brother, who becomes a heartwarming, recurring character. Finnian becomes one of my favorite characters, and the first thing I noticed about him was how his entire personality, skill set and overall attitude was exactly the same as Kenji in Bungo Stray Dogs. They have to be the same person. Or at least brothers? They even have the same hat!

Is the Manga worth reading? Absolutely. Its funny, it’s interesting, and if you liked the other animated material, pick it up- however begin at chapter one, since the anime vs manga can vary wildly at times.

In a disappointing turn of events, Black Butler just had its 15 year annerversery and it is still continuing in publication. It publishes an episode every month. Being that it seems to be nowhere near the end, not only with the main story but also this current story arc, I honestly don’t think it will ever be completed, and if it is, it will take a long LONG time. Even though it is far from finished, it is worth reading with some great visuals and events. This current arc isn’t particularly one of my favorite, it felt like it was a jerky, unexpected pivot and something that hadn’t been expected at the beginning of the series (no foreshadowing) so it kind of just came out of the blue. I’m sure it will all come together in the end, if I am alive long enough to see it come to an end.

What about you? Did you read the manga? What did you think?

Manga Reviews: Attack on Titan

Don’t worry. It’s spoiler free.

The Attack on Titan manga is close to my heart since it was the first manga I ever read. I had the whole series stuffed onto my bookshelf and was so excited as each new volume came out.

There’s not much left to unpack in this story. The manga is complete and the anime series is nearly finished. No major changes or exciting new storyarcs to comment on. Regarding the anime as a whole,it feels as though the animation and character design changed every season of the anime- most obviously in season 3 and again in season 4 when it changed from Wit studios to Mappa. Mappa’s characters seemed older and darker, and the studio seems to not have a problem with more adult centered visuals (completely naked zeke getting out of his titan and copious amounts of blood during titan fights).

But this isn’t about the show, as I already wrote on it a few posts ago. When it comes to the manga…it was not my favorite. The storyline, plot and characters were exquisite- but the art in this manga wasn’t quite for me. It seems scratchy and messy and I’m much more a fan of clean lines and easy to follow action panels.

Is the manga worth reading? Of course. I only had one qualm with the story in general- the ending. As many manga readers have said, is not quite what was expected. I know the author got some shade for it, even saying it was politically motivated. I cant comment on if the ending is political commentary of some sort, but I am interested in seeing if the anime is true to the ending of the manga, or if it will be revised to better fit the arc of the show.

There are other books in the same universe, like No Regrets (Levi’s origin story) and the Lost Girls (Mikasa and Annie’s stories) and I am pleased these have been made into OVA’s. Another standalone series exists, “Before the Fall”, which takes place before the events of main series. I am wondering if this will get any screen time, even in the form of an OVA.

I am extremely happy with the manga to anime visually speaking. It has been a great series and I’m sad that it will soon be wrapping up.

Did you read the attack on titan manga? How did you feel about the ending?

Anime Reviews: Akudama Drive

Dont worry. Its spoiler free.

Watching Akudama Drive was a three part experience for me:

Part One: This show is awesome.

Part two: Ok, now I’m bored.

Part three: What the hell am I watching?

There is no way to completely summarize this series, without giving any spoilers. To paint the plot with a very broad brush, it is about a woman who gets thrown into the world of “Akudama” (criminals) by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Once she becomes part of the Akudama, her life drastically changes.

The visuals in Akudama Drive are amazing. It has a steampunk/future dystopia feel and some of the images reminded me of pop art. It was beautiful and sleek and dark. As for the show in general? I wasn’t precisely sure what I was watching. At times Akudama Drive felt like a political narrative. Is it? Is it a cautionary tale about the dangers of our modern lives? Or is it simply a science fiction series about a distopian society?

Plot Rating: 3/5. I don’t really know what to say, since it felt like I watched three different shows while riding out this short, 12 episode series! Straight out of the gate it was awesome. It began like a heist show, introducing a serial killer, a brawler, a courier, a crazy doctor, a hoodlum and a hacker- all Akudama teaming up to take on an impossible mission. The initial characters are likeable, there is amazing art, humor, explosions, everything you need!

As the plot progresses and the characters began to go their seperate ways, the story became boring, with not enough strong characters to carry the plot in an interesting fashion. When the show came to its conclusion, I was left with a somber, introspective feeling- the kind that leaves you staring at the rolling credits with a blank look on your face.

Character Rating: 4/5. There were great characters. Cutthroat the serial killer? Insane. Wonderfully writen. Courier was brave and interesting. Hacker is innovative and smart. Each character was unique and interesting, except for Sister, who was absolutely insufferable- like the typical squeaky and whiny anime damsel.

Furthermore, I have some questions about the doctor. She had the ability to “heal” herself no matter how grave her injuries are. Is she inhuman? Is she immortal? Does she has superpowers?

Intro/outro: 2/5. The intro was cool and colorful, but the music was absolutely awful. It’s a shame since the visuals of the intro are so good. The outro is nice, peaceful and asthetic.

Genre: Drama, sci-fi, tragedy, comedy- a little mix of everything.

Overall score? 3.5/5. The ending is intersting and introspective. Its not romantic or fun, but it leaves you with a somber feeling. I’m still not sure how i feel about this show, but with the great visuals it is unique and worth the watch.

What do you think? Did you watch Akudama Drive?

Anime Reviews: Sk8 the Infinity

Dont worry. Its spoiler free.

Sk8 the Infinity. Skateboards and friendship and…BL undetones? Oh my!

I started watching Sk8 The Infinity when I saw how many awards it was nominated for in the Crunchyroll awards list, including Best Antagonist, Best Character Design, Best VA Performance, and Best Ending Sequence.

I never thought I would even remotely enjoy an anime about skateboarding- but I was hooked from the first episode. It’s  only 12 episodes long and is very bingable. I loved it!

It’s a comedy, a sports anime, and a slice-of-life about friendship about growing up. The characters are all unique and fun, and just overall, it’s fun to watch.

As for the notation about the BL undertones…some say the BL is canon, other people say not at all. On the “Might be BL” scale- with K project as 1 and Yuri on Ice as a 5, I would give it a solid three. So decide for yourself!

Plot Rating: 5/5. As I always say about sports anime, the plot isn’t super convoluted and complicated. The story opens focused on Langa, who has just moved from his home in Canada to Okinawa. He befriends one of his school mates, Reki, who is obsessed with skateboarding. Although he has never skateboarded in his life, it turns out he has a real knack for it, his unique style coming from his years of snowboarding training. The two friends enter ‘S’ the most challenging of all skating competitions as they hone their skills and work towards becoming the best skater at ‘S’. Along their journey they make new friends and learn and grow in simple, yet charming character development.

The pacing was perfect. There can often be times in anime where the plot drags or “filler episodes” are thrown in. Sk8 was great episode after episode, with great pacing and balanced storyline.

Character Rating: 5/5. Every character in this show is interesting and fun. There are two stories that run parallel, the story about Joe and Cherry and their friendship with Adam, and Reki and Langa’s story. They are intertwined but also separate, which makes for a great show that doesn’t get boring. Adam is an excellent antagonist, while seeming evil through and through, his tragic backstory makes him a much more sympathetic character.

Intro/outro: 5/5. I was sure the intro was going to be nominated for best intro. It was so much fun to watch! The outro was good as well (and nominated for the Crunchyroll award.)

Genre: 4/5. Sports, comedy, slice of life, drama, it really has it all. It wouldn’t adhere to one single genre and was very well rounded.

Overall score? 5/5. I usually have something bad to say about every show I rate, show since I do like to nit-pick. However, Sk8 the infinity was a great show. It was funny, well written, and BL undertones or not, it’s something everyone will enjoy, regardless of how you feel about skateboarding.

What do you think? Did you watch Sk8?

Anime Reviews: Haikyuu!!

Don’t worry. It’s spoiler free.

Almost everyone has either seen or at least heard of Haikyuu!! Its one of the most popular sports anime to date. Season 1 aired in 2014 and its not stopped being popular, for a good reason. Its a great show!

The plot is simple- as it generally is in sports anime. It is about Karasuno High’s formerly mediocre volleyball team, and their uphill battle to become the national volleyball champions. The has an amazing array of characters, and is heartwarming, thrilling, and comedy gold.

I have one issue with this show. Season 1-3 were perfection. Season 4 had a change in animation studio, and I’m just going to say…its unwatchable.

Maybe I’m being dramatic. Some people didnt have a problem with it, but I couldn’t get past it. It went from watching a super well done sports anime to watching flat, awkward early 2000s saturday morning cartoons.

But, you can decide for yourself what you think about the new animation. Maybe it won’t bother you as much as it did me. Now- on to the ratings.

Plot: 5/5. The plot is simple, like I already relayed, but still, it never gets tiresome. Some sports anime gets a little grinding since you are watching the same thing on repeat (eg. the ice skating in Yuri on Ice.). In Haikyuu each game and play and exchange is different as the team works to learn new skills, build relationships, and get stronger. It’s both fun, thrilling, and heartwarming to watch.

Characters. 5/5. This show has an enormous variety of characters. We have our main characters, Hinata, Kagayama, and the rest of the Karasano team. Then there are the umpteen other teams that our protagonists battle on the way to reach their goals of the nationals. Each character is diverse, interesting and has their own quirks, talents and flaws.

Intro/Outro: 5/5. Always good. I especially liked the intro and outro for season 3.

Genre: Sports 5/5. What can I say that I haven’t already?

Overall score for this? I give it a 5/5. Putting Season 4’s animation disaster to the side, it is still worth watching and enjoying. It is a great sports anime, great ensemble show, and something I will watch again in the future when I need some uplifting comedy.

Did you watch Haiykuu? What do you think?

Manga Review: Jijutsu Kaisen

Dont worry. Its spoiler free.

There’s something special about the Jijutsu Kaisen anime. The color palate is dark and fresh. There are interesting characters, well timed jokes, and life or death action sequences. It truly brings everything to the table. At times it feels like a slice-of-life school anime, then an episode later it is a series straight out of the horror genre.

I was hesitant to both watch and read JJK because as stated before, I’m more of a Seinen fan, since they usually have deeper and more complex storylines. Most Shonen are still pretty gentle and work towards the heroes winning and a happy ending for all. (Example- Bungo Stray Dogs vs. My Hero Acedamia. Both shows are about individuals with abilities but have completely opposite tones.)

In any event- I decided to pick up the manga after enjoying the anime, and was curious to see how the story would progress.

First off, a short bjt about Jijutsu Kaisen 0. This is a short side manga, only four chapters long. JJK 0 was my absolute favorite. In this short series, we are introduced to a character that was only previously mentioned before, and he is my favorite character in the JJK universe to date.

I’m thrilled that the JJK 0 movie is scheduled to be released in the US in February, because i know it will be amazing. The manga, of course, is very good. It is set one year before Itadori begins at Jijutsu High and stars the second year students (who at this time were in their first year). It’s worth reading since the characters and situations mentioned come back into play in the “Shibuya Incident” arc- not to mention, its a masterpiece.

Now, on to the Jijutsu Kaisen manga itself.

Immediatly after the anime ends, we hop into the Gojo story arc, “Hidden Inventory.”

I enjoyed this as we finally got to see Gojo and his friends as students. This first arc ties in with JJK 0, so it is best to read the side story around episode 75 (but can be read anytime.) “Hidden Inventory” also introduces one spectacular antagonist that we all have been waiting to see.

After the “Hidden Inventory” arc we swing into the “Shibuyu Incident” arc. This is a spoiler free article so I don’t want to say too much about the upcoming events. However, I will say that when the “Shibuyu Incident” starts, the Manga changes into something completely different. I likened it to the beginning of the “Marley” arc in Attack on Titan. (Not an excellent comparison, but it is unspeably unexpected. It takes everything you thought you knew and completely turns into something else.)

Is this bad? No…that’s really a big part what makes are show great- steering away from tropes and yanking the rug out from under you expectations-wise. In the midst of these changes there is still some sparse humor, and there are some new characters added that are quite heartwarming. Questions are answered, and more are unveiled. The content keeps you on your toes, for sure.

Art: The Manga artwork is great. I especially love the covers for each book- they are bold, interesting and dark. The paneling is easy to follow and seemingly “colorful” even thought it is black and white. Emotions and experiences are so easy to read in this detailed craftsmanship.

Should you read it: Depends on what you’re up for. The story is very well written and one of a kind. I fully recommend the Jijutsu Kaisen 0 manga, but if you loved the anime it may be best to simply wait for the next season instead of digging into the unfinished manga. I’m curious to see what arcs they will cover in season two, since the story is non-stop and there is never a dull moment.

Did you read the Jujutsu Kaisen manga? What did you think?

Manga Review: Bungo Stray Dogs

Don’t worry. Its spoiler free.

I loved the Bungo Stray Dogs anime. It comes in high on every list of the best Seinen anime- for good reason. It is amazing, from the unique protagonists, interesting anti-heroes and truly evil antagonists. The story arcs are explosive and unpredictable. There is growth, introspection, and motive.

I keep saying every anime is my favorite, but this is truly up at the top. Its one of a kind. I binged the whole series when I first watched it, and immediatly as I was finished, I watched it again (Which truly is not something that happens often.)

After finishing the anime and the Dead Apple OVA (which should not be missed. It is important to the storyline, and Dazai and Chuuya are so much fun to watch) I knew I needed more, so I picked up the manga.

Chapter 53 is where season 3 of the anime ends. Immediatly after the ending of that story arc, a brand new one begins. I struggled to find a way to talk about the upcoming arcs, since I promised to keep this review spoiler free. All I can say is the next few arcs don’t disappoint. They are just as spectacular as the previous ones.

New characters are revealed, some that are interesting and funny, some that are lovable and intropective, and others that are as evil as they come. We have the return of our heroes, back and better than ever, as well as some new interesting allies each with their own backstory, abilities and quirks.

Art: 5/5. The design is great, fun to read, easy to follow. I sometimes struggle with some action manga due to fighting, speech bubble placement, and so on… but BSD is easy to follow. There are often colored panels after each comic to show the scene in muted colors which are always special. The cover art is always great too!

Should you read it: Yes! If you loved the anime and want more, absolutely. Even for a beginner, it’s easy to keep up with and very enjoyable. As of this writing there are 98 chapters- and I’m curious to know if the production for season 4 hasn’t begun yet since the orverarching story that began in chapter 54 hasn’t quite wrapped up? In eny event, I am looking forward to seeing these next few story arcs animated.

Did you read the Bungo Stray Dogs Manga? What did you think?

Anime Reviews: Tokyo Revengers

Don’t worry. It’s spoiler free.

I always try to stay up date with the new animes each season. When I see people raving online about a new show, I always have to check it out. (Maybe I have a little FOMO.)

I saw a lot of posts about Tokyo Revengers, but I initially put it off watching it- since I’m not a huge fan of shows about kids. After reading a handful of reviews, I finally decided to try it out, and I hate to admit I binged all 24 episodes in a weekend.

I will preface my slightly bad review by saying I am well aware there are hundreds of chapters of the manga left, and it may just take the entire series to complete important character arcs. Which really is okay. Slow growth is realistic, but it still didn’t stop the initial unsettled feeling i had at the end of season one.

Plot Rating: 4/5. This show grabs you right out of the gate, and most episodes end with a cliffhanger (Hence the binging.)

At the surface level, the story is about a very dangerous gang that is tearing apart the city.

Our protagonist, Takemichi is 26 years old and is travelling home from work, when he is pushed off a train platform and gets hit by a train. At that moment he doesn’t die, but instead goes back in time to when he was in middle school, and the gang in question was just being formed. With the help of a friend, he works hard to change the effect of the gang in the city by repeatedly traveling to the past to try to fix the timeline so he can protect the ones he loves in the future.

There is some excellent dialogue, realistic choices, good people doing bad things and bad people doing good things.  There were some edge-of-your-seat moments that made me so anxious I had to force myself to watch the next episode since I was so anxious about what would happen next!

Overall, the plot was good. The preface is very exciting and mysterious but had some holes for me, for example, small events the protaganist changed in the past would most likely have had bigger reprocussions in the future (the smallest thing can change a timeline, always.) Not only would some of these events change the future of the gang, but of relationships, future occupations, friendships, and so on. Also, if Takemichi changed the past, shouldn’t he have memories of these events, since he lived them?

These are all basic questions and situations that come up in any time travel movie, similar to the grandfather paradox (if you go back in time and kill your grandpa, would you have still been born, and been able to kill him?) Overall I didn’t have any major qualms. The storyline itself was interesting, so the plot holes weren’t a huge deal.

Character Rating: 3/5. The protagonist was awful. Sorry Takemichi. At the very beginning of the show he was 26, and a whiny, depressed coward, and in the last episode, after all he went through with his experiences travelling through time, and fighting to save those he loved, he was somehow, exactly the same whiny coward. Character arcs and development are super important to me- and I felt like Takemichi had no growth. He had been given the opportunity to change the future, save his friends and make a better world for everyone. Although he had some heroic moments, he continuously reverted back to ‘oh no, i cant do anything everyone is going to die.’ He had been granted the opportunity to stop disaster before it started, and he should have done everything possible to ensure that he changed the future. Instead, the majority of his time was spent crying and telling himself what a loser he was.

The protagonist aside- the show had a lot of likeable characters, each with different motives, backstories, and personalities. These were fun to watch develop, and it was a great ensemble anime, which are my favorite. However, for the first time I can think of, of I was much more drawn to the villas in Tokyo Revengers.

Let’s talk about Hanma and Kisaki for a moment. Kisaki is the perfect villian. He’s smart, he’s crafty, and even as a young man in the past- he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. He’s a force to be reckoned with. Unlike other characters that are considered “strong” because they are good at fighting, Kisaki is strong because of his intelligence, manipulation, and being the onely one in this show who clearly had a vision of what he wanted and how to get there. He is excellently written, and it feels so good to hate him, as he is a foe that will not be beaten easily.

Hanma is a fun recurring antagonist. He’s was sort of  “around” the whole time but still we dont know much about him. He’s mysterious. He’s funny. He always has that little smile like he is the only person actually enjoying the chain of events that they set up. He’s a total dirtbag. But I love him.

There are great side characters as well. Mikey and Draken are an excellent pair. Baji and Kazutora’s backstory is dark and makes their relationship interesting and unique. The characters in the Tokyo Mangi gang really were good and each had their own particular story that made them different.

Intro/Outro: 5/5. No complaints. The intro song was super catchy and I love it. 

Genre: Action? 5/5. It was very action packed. Psychological Thriller? 4/5.

Overall score: 3.5/5. i rated this so low because, as I stated earlier, to me the protagonist was nearly unwatchable. I spent the vast majority of his scenes screaming “Get it together,Takemichi!’ At the screen. (True story). Characters need to grow and fight through obstacles, and I had a hard time watching his terrible thought process and moments of being unbearably pathetic. I think this would have been okay, if his moments of fear and helplessness had been occurring in actual time- like when he was 14.  However, since Takemichi went back in time, he was  a 26 year old in the body of a 14 year old, so he should have matured much more and been able to use critical thinking skills and be able to understand how important his tasks were. Maybe I am being to hard on him and I am used to watching great development arcs, like the Attack on Titan and Jujitsu Kaisen characters.

Did you watch Tokyo Revengers? What did you think?

Anime Honorable Mention: The Vampire Dies In No Time

So I can’t officially “review” this yet, because the season hasnt finished out and is airing weekly. Still, I had to write a bit about it.

“The Vampire Dies in no Time” is a comedy anime, and it is SO MUCH FUN. The basic premise is a vampire, Dralc, and vampire hunter, Ronaldo, become business partners after Ronaldo mistakenly destroys Dralc’s castle. There is a rumor that Dralc is a powerful and frightening vampire, but he is really the weakest of all, constantly turning to sand whenever he is frightened.

From the light tone and animation, I expected it to be aimed more at children, but it is much more for adults, with some hilarious situations and jokes that wouldn’t be appropriate for younger audiences.

The intro/opening on this show is my favorite anime intro to date. It’s fun, colorful, the song is catchy and it is overall fun to watch. It has a great score, and is overall a quirky, funny, feel good show.

This show is still simucasting, currently on episode 7.

Have you seen “The Vampire Dies In No Time”? What do you think so far?

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