I obsessively collect two things. Books, like most people who like reading and writing, and boxes. They have to be boxes with hinges, like music boxes, jewelry boxes, chests that open and close. There is something about them. If they’re old, mysterious, decorated, I must have them all.

Collections are a funny thing. I always wonder what makes people collect so much of a certain thing. My mom collects carousel horses and bird feeders. My grandma collected those decorative plates that no one was allowed to eat off of.

I am sure there is some psychological reason that makes people collect things- like little crows collecting the shiny things and taking them back to our nests. I’ve never known what it is. For now I’ll credit it to the uniqueness of the human mind.

What do you collect? Do you know why people collect things?

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Published by Hannah Eileen

Jesus. Cats. Podcasts. An introvert full of strange thoughts and musings.

11 thoughts on “Collections

  1. I love vintage boxes and crates! I collect old books, too. I have a massive vintage Christmas decoration collection in my basement. Now I just enjoy what I have. πŸ™‚

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  2. I wonder if we have this tendency to collect things because when we were hunter gatherers in the prehistoric past. Collecting is at the heart of food gathering. We picked some leaves and berries and fruits from all around our local area. Anyone who could collect a bit of everything had a more varied and better diet. I think it might be in our genes.

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