Raise Your Hand If You Believe In Aliens

You want to know what I don’t want to talk about right now? Current events. Seriously. No more. No more news. No more media. No more information overload, hashtags, and arguments.

You know what I do want to talk about?

Raise your hand if you believe in aliens. But, like, discreetly, so your neighbor can’t judge you, if you’re worried about that.

UFO, extraterrestrial, and alien grey stories are some of my favorite stories out there, because it seems like the more you look for them, the more you find. So many people have reported extraterrestrial encounters, and they have been happening for hundreds of years. Do I believe in ET’s? Eh… Maybe. I’ve never seen one…thankfully. If I did see an alien grey I’d probably point, yell “Aha! I knew it! You are real!” Then pass out dead in fright.

What I do believe in is people and their stories.

My favorite podcast currently is called Monsters Among Us, hosted by Derek Hayes. It reminds me of an old radio show called Coast to Coast AM, which I remember my mom listening to when I was very young. On both Coast to Coast and Monsters Among Us, individuals call in and report their personal paranormal encounters with ghosts, ghouls, aliens, and mysterious creatures.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and am very convinced I saw three Sasquatch as a child, so I tend to have an open mind to people’s stories. Is the human brain easily tricked by light, sound, and other things? Yes. But people’s encounters are still fun to listen to and peruse with a “what if, could it be?” mindset. Even if they can be debunked, the experience is still true to the individual who encountered it. Besides, isn’t it more fun to live in a world where some things are still mysterious and yet undiscovered?

What do you think? Do you believe in aliens, creatures, and other monsters? Have you ever seen anything “unbelievable?”

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Published by Hannah Eileen

Jesus. Cats. Podcasts. An introvert full of strange thoughts and musings.

4 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If You Believe In Aliens

  1. I was camping and looking at the stars, my friend and I saw a “star” that moved in angles and suddenly blinked away. We both were amazed. I don’t know if any aircraft that can move in angles then disappear. There was recently UFO footage that the Pentagon confirmed.

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  2. My friend and I saw something strange one night. It was a ball of light (might have been green or white) and it moved kind of up and down maybe sideways and then it was gone. Not sure to this day what it was – the truth is out there. Great post.

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    1. Great story! Ball lightning? Mysterious spirit orb? There are so many encounters with spheres that do odd things I am very curious about them!! Thanks for sharing your story!


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