The Best Books

Buying books, especially old books, is a fascination and my biggest weakness. I love the old wear and tear on antiques, and sitting and pondering where the scraped up hardbacks were before they made their way to me.

The most outlandish purchase I ever decided upon was when I bought two beautiful 18th century French books. (Thank you Etsy). They shipped from France, are in French, and it took them two months to get to me here all the way on the other side of the globe. I’m not sure what came over me, but I had to have them. P.S.: I don’t read French.

I am hoping dearly I have a child as obsessed with books as I so I have someone to pass my ever growing collection on to. My husband does not see the value in books, he is all about the new tech. One day, he brought home a beautiful vintage copy of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle because he wanted to cut it up and use it in an art project. (Which was not allowed, it is now safely in my custody.)

I enjoy new books too, of course. There are always talented authors turning out informative and imaginative stories.

Depending on the day, if you asked me what my favorite book was, I would probably say Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, or perhaps The Illustrated Man, one of Ray Bradbury’s lesser known works. There must be at least 10 more in the favorite catagory, like Nathaniel Philbrick’s brilliant work In the Heart of the Sea, and the sweet fiction The Amythyst Heart by Penelope J. Stokes, which I have bought three copies of over the period of my short life.

My grandpa had a large library that I vaguely remember from when I was a child, with tall towering rows of books, and a ladder just like in the movies. It’s my dream to have a home with a library with this one day, (isn’t it all of ours?)

As for now, I’ll continue my crazy reading, collecting and stacking, and pray for a child that will love the written word as much as I do.

What about you? What are your favorites? Are you on your way to a library and multi-generational collection?

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9 thoughts on “The Best Books

  1. And moi? Record albums: the ones that go into high-double digits (I fought off the three-digit urges) and are encased in plastic sleeves. eBay is a tempting mistress!

    Now I am eyeballing old screenplays for obscure films ! Dare I spend 200 bucks on stack of paper? Dare I? I must not surf to eBay!

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    1. I never got into records…i know a lot of people love that though! I actually have thought about screenplays before from old movies but same thought….what do you do with them? Put them in a glass case like the declaration of independence? 😅 etsy is my downfall!

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  2. I’ve got more books than I’ve got shelf space for them. I love collecting hardcovers, especially by my favourite writers. I’ve got an entire shelf of Tolkien hardcovers, some of which I had to buy from overseas secondhand bookshops. I just love to look at that shelf.

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    1. Those are the best kind! I like goodwill books, and around here we have a whole bunch of those little book boxes by the sidewalk. I told my husband ‘the best books are stolen ones’ (even though taking from book boxes isn’t stealing, it sort of feels like it!) 😅😅


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