Let’s Talk About The Joker

I just saw the Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix for the first time. It was amazing. I for one definently appreciate the movie raising awareness for mental illness. Every little bit helps.

How about that ending though? What do you guys think, did it all really happen, or was it all in his head? Let’s talk!

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Joker

  1. I loved it, too!! I’m not even necessarily a follower of DC or Marvel–nothing wrong with either, just not my wheelhouse. I was really impressed by the portrayal of mental illness and how as a society, we have some work to do. I also loved how they showed that despite our ideas about heroes and villains, that no one is that black and white. Such a good character study and impeccable character development!

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    1. So good. THAT was a real story, great development all the way through. I was thoroughly impressed and I usually tear movies apart, like you always do as a reader or writer. We definently have more resources for mental health now than ever before but yes, have a long way to go to understand and relate.


  2. It was a very interesting movie to watch and I mostly enjoyed it. The ending was GREAT and overall it was a beautifully shot film with a lot of meaning. I can see why it did so well.

    I think it was just maybe a little too long? There were certain points in the movie where I threw my hands up and said “Okay, seriously, that’s enough… How much worse can life be for this guy?… I GET IT.” You know? But I also don’t love movies that just go in a downward spiral for that long, so it could entirely be on me.

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