What’s Your Favorite Wedding Comedy?

Planning a wedding has me in the mood for wedding films. But not gushy romance movies like The Wedding Planner and Runaway Bride, no, hilarious, irreverant comedies that make me snort.

The Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart has been my favorite so far and has gotten me in the festive wedding mood. What’s your favorite wedding movie? I need some recommendations!

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Published by Hannah Eileen

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6 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Wedding Comedy?

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (hilarious), Four Weddings And A Funeral (smart funny), Father Of The Bride (1950 version better, but both are good), The Five-Year Engagement (delayed gratification situation), Rachel Getting Married (snark), Bridesmaids (collateral damage),Lovers And Other Strangers (forgotten goodie from 1970), Monsoon Wedding (wonderful!)….Cheers,Mark

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      1. My pleasure. I hasten to add that I’ve been a Best Man five times, which I guess means I’m a good pal, but all five ended in divorce, so next time I’ll just suggest grabbing some guy off a bus and slipping him 50 bucks and the phone number of that bridesmaid who keeps burping and giggling. Play it safe.

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