Podcast Generation

I am so very glad I was born in the era of podcasts. I should probably be thankful I was born in the era of you know, toilets, vaccines, cars, things like that. But podcast are my favorite.

The first podcast I got into was Aaron Mahnke’s Lore after I watched the first season of the Amazon series. It was all downhill from there. I binged the series, and then tried to find other series similar. Soon I was knee deep into Astonishing Legends, Unexplained, Monsters Among Us, Crime Junkie, Unsolved Murders and on and on- overly excited that there was a community of people who were as interested in monsters, madness, cryptids and the unsolved questions of the universe as I was.

I think podcasts allow us to connect with a large group of like-minded people, as well as learn new and exciting things not previously available in such a specific and accessible format. Many podcasts also have their own online communities where listeners can connect and discuss the show and other topics related to their similar interests.

What do you think about podcasts? Have you delved into this newer world of media? If so, what is your favorite genre and series?

Published by Hannah Eileen

Jesus. Cats. Podcasts. An introvert full of strange thoughts and musings.

8 thoughts on “Podcast Generation

  1. Podcasts certainly make a lot of my work days more interesting. My favourite genres are the “paranormal” and general knowledge. If you have any interest in apparent sightings of ghosts, extra-terrestrials and a plethora of other mysterious oddities, I recommend Monsters Among Us and Blurry Photos. Stuff You Should Know is wonderful for general knowledge. They’ve covered everything from hummingbirds to paraphilias to ouija boards.

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    1. Sometimes I do that too, lol! I wasnt even familiar with the mirrored men until I started listening to monsters among us so that one is new to me. I think missing time is one of the most terrifying things.


  2. I’ve been a hit and miss guy on Podcasts. So many other things to get done, and I’d rather listen to music most times. I did take in some of Lore and a couple of others that I’m forgetting their names. Glad you enjoy them so much. I guess, for me, it’s the same with Audiobooks: I can’t get into them. I drift too easily

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