Did You Like Twin Peaks?

I just finished watching Twin Peaks yesterday. I jumped on it when I found it on Netflix since I have heard people talking about it for as long as I can remember. Its a conversation that always goes something like ‘Twin Peaks is so good, it was really the first show of its kind.’

I’m still a bit confused how I feel about it here at the end of season two. I feel like it was a mix between a great show, an unsettling shroom trip, and an awkward independent film that had directors switch halfway through (the second director was much better.)

Okay, I know I can’t harp on it of course because it’s one of those classics that you appreciate even with all its quirks.

I will admit, there was a great ensemble of lovable characters and many moments that were laugh out loud funny. The humor at times hearkened back to the slapstick humor in ‘Airplaine’ and ‘The Naked Gun’ which is my favorite type of comedy.

There were also a lot of moments that were dark and scary and some very surprising twists and turns. However there were also a few “filler” characters and dramatic relationship fluff that just seemed to take up airtime and made the episodes drag.

The best characters were the main FBI agent and sheriff’s department team, and the main storyline surrounded these individuals. It would have been more enjoyable if the show would have zeroed in on the mystery and darkness of the murder and focused less on the soapy relationship drama in the small town.

This show came out the year before I was born so am I missing some of the nuance of it due to being a younger generation? Am I just spoiled and jaded due to today’s modern TV selection and streaming services? Honest question- what is so great about it, or was it just unique for it’s time? Did you enjoy it? What are your thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “Did You Like Twin Peaks?

  1. I really love Twin Peaks, some of it is quite scary. I’m a big fan of David Lynch. I thought it lost energy once the Laura Palmer murder was solved, though it does gradually pick up again. I also really enjoyed the new Twin Peaks series, which turned out to be even weirder than the earlier one. I have recently been thinking about watching it again.

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  2. Good to hear younger generations still watch the old Twin Peaks. Season 1 was great. Season 2 was built on the succes of season 1 but wasn’t as good. You must see Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me, which is a prequel movie filmed after season 2. It explains how Laura Palmer dies. It’s as good as season 1 and ties up some loose ends.

    The newest or latest series is utter garbage. I like a lot of David Lynch stuff but lost the plot there. It’s like he threw together a bunch of dreamy fantasies and tried making a series out of it. Lynch on acid lol. I could’ve done a better job 😁

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    1. Haha! I’ve heard both ways on the new series and it makes me curious. I’m unsure how they could make a good continuation of the series 20 some years later to be honest so I will probably have to just see for myself!!

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      1. True! See and judge for yourself. I’m a true old skool Lynch fan though, not a Twin Peaks groupie so when it’s shite I will say so haha. Good luck, you’ll need it 😁

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  3. Hi Hannah
    yes, when it was shown, Twin Peaks was out there. A genre mix, storylines that kinda-sorta fluttered near each other, the weirdness, the supernatural aspects: I was hooked. A procedural (in a sense) that had had so many levels in the days where one-and-done was essentially the norm.

    I also think you should watch the newest version. If anything, it’s weirder and a bit slower to move along, but I felt it worth watching it.
    Have fun

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    1. Thanks Stu! I have heard a lot that it was ‘groundbreaking’ and ‘the first of it’s kind’. Initially when I started it I thought that meant it was the first murder/detective show but now I’m assuming it was just an unusual show for the day considering the supernatural elements and strange themes?

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  4. It certainly kept you guessing . . . even if it had a “made it up as they went along” vibe.

    I seem to recall that another attempt of “Twin Peaks” vibe was tried with a Jim Belushi-starring Wild Palms . . . without looking it up, I think that was on ABC-TV and Oliver Stone was behind it in some capacity. And it was all about political intrique with a lot of WTH Lynchian hi-jinks.

    You are right though, Kyle’s turn as the F.B.I agent is gold. I had always wished, after this was cancelled, they made a new series with his character’s continuing adventures, or a prequel.

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